The Company

Continental Shipping Line Pte Ltd (CSLPL) Singapore is an international ship management company founded in November 2014 which is focused on Crews, Assets and Technical management of commerical vessels. It's headquarter is an over 5,000 square feet-large office located near Jalan Bukit Merah and Alexandra, at 7 Jalan Kilang, Singapore 159407.

Company Vision

To be a world-class ship management organisation in South East Asia, excellent in safety, quality and process controls.

Company Mission

To be innovative, efficient and effective in ship Crews, Assets and Technical management, enable ship owners to visualize the profitability easily through effective management reporting system, and yet maintaining a good relationship and connection with charterers, sea-ports and other marine service entities.

  • Innovative: Always look out for the latest technology, and believe in people development through advance training. Continuously to enhance emergency response/ crisis management in connecting ship owners, charterers and marine service providers with effective communication and solutions to maximize win-win situation.
  • Efficieny: Effective cost control procedures and policies with high integrity and preventive measures. Enhance management reporting system (MRS) for ship owners’ effective decision making, and visualization of profits & returns of investment.
  • Effectiveness: To continuously improve in effective communication and safety/ quality/ process controls. Maintaining good relationship among Ship owners/ charterers/ marine service providers and yet developing a result oriented environment.


  • Safety: We treat Safety as the most critical for ship operational and technical management. We encourage people to be responsible for their own safety and for those around them, recognize and correct potential hazards, follow protocols and procedures, speak up and stop work if safety is compromised.
  • Teamwork: We value teamwork, as one of our company culture. We support each other like a family, and respect the differences. We recognise individual efforts and contributions, and cheer for every individual and team success.
  • Quality: We target zero accident, zero defects, zero spillage, and zero stoppage. We focus on effective process control and continuous improvement to enhance quality.
  • Integrity: We uphold integrity in every business transaction, to earn long term business relationship with our customers and business partners. This is the basic of high quality performance toward our vision of world-class ship management organisation.